Nicotine eLiquids

Sale of nicotine eLiquid is prohibited in Australia under current legislation. Vape house does not sell any eLiquid which contains nicotine

Beginners & Troubleshooting

MTL – Mouth to lung is inhaling of vapor from a low powered device which produces little vapor, the user has to draw with more effort to inhale the vaper down to lungs, its more closer to smoking a traditional cigarette DTL- Direct to lung is technique of inhaling vapor from a more powerful vape device with a battery that discharges more current through the coil (heating wire) which is generally of a lower resistance, this allows the unit to burn more liquid into vapor and vape is inhaled to the lungs with less effort Direct lung devices produce more vapor and provide easy draw and more flavor compare to MTL devices. DTL device will also consume more battery,wick and eliquid to do so in comparison to MTL devices
To get started you will need a vape kit, eliquid and a set of spare coils When buying a vape kit you have many options ranging as below Inbuilt Battery Kits Replaceable Battery Kits (Requires purchase of batteries & battery charger as well) Or you can build a kit by buying a battery mod & a tank from our range
Any vape kit that uses eliquid to produce vapor works by heating up an atomizer coil which converts eliquid into vapor While the process is same across all units but the functionality of how its done and parts of each vape can be different depending on the make and model of the unit It is best to do your research before you purchase a vape kit , We recommend to search and watch some youtube videos on the product you are interested in so your get to know the product well before you purchase
It is very important to start up in correct way when using a vape unit, make sure to follow some important steps below Before firing up your battery for the first time, it is important to prime up the atomizer coil with eliquid and allow it to rest for at least 5-10 minutes depending on the size of the coil, Drip some liquid into the side inlets of the coil where you can see the cotton, fill up your tank and allow it to sit idle for above time so the cotton wick saturates with the eliquid, if you fire the coil before it properly soaks in the eliquid, you will experience a burnt taste on inhale as the wick burns dry and this doesn’t goes away unless you replace the wick with a new one as you have just wasted a coil, If you are using a pod system allow the pod to rest idle for 5 minutes sitting on a flat surface before you put it on to the battery